Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our family vacation!

As most people were going back to school, but finally got our family vacation in. We went to Sedona, Az. Which is AMAZING! if you haven't been there i highly recommend it!. it is beautiful. if many not be the most kid friendly vacation spot, but it was georgeous and so fun. There are tons of hikes, we only did two small ones because we had the kids. My parents went too, which was great having grandma and grandpa there.

Sedona is just surrounded in huge red rock formations! Just beautiful. This was on the only hike we took the kids, i had to carry caleb the whole mile, which seems a lot longer when you're hiking and lizzy asked are we there yet? 50 times or more. But it was still beautiful.

We went to Montezuma's castle, which is indian ruins in the side of the mountain, she became a junior ranger there.

Caleb and I trying to stay cool in the shade.
We found an amazing Kaleidoscope store in the ghost town of Jerome and you could take a picture through the scope. pretty cool
One day we went to the Grand Canyon, and i thought for sure it would be sooooooo hot in August, we were actually cold. But this is a stop on the way home at Bedrock City. We actually were too tired to go in the run down playground, but this care was out front, so the kids had fun in it.
Living on the edge..... the Grand Canyon