Thursday, October 7, 2010

I just can't figure my kids out

Well this one tops the cake, as of lately at least. Caleb has been very adamant about when he wants to go to bed. He used to be a perfect angel and would willingly lay his head on my shoulder as i sang,"i am a child of God" then he would let me lay him down and he would go to bed with out a peep (usually) well that ship sailed, but I pray it will come back soon. So lately he has been screaming and pointing to the door and using every muscle in his little body to try to get away from me and out the door. Tonight we went through the same process of kicking and screaming, finally i put him in bed to hear him scream for 30 mins, so i went in thinking he'd lay his head on my shoulder and let me sing to him. But he squirmed and bolted for the door. Went out on the couch and sat down, then patted the cushion next to him as my que to sit by him. Then he just sat and stared, rubbed his eyes, his head bobbed a few times and within 10 mins he collapsed in half and was out. So i took the picture and picked him up to take to bed. The second i put him down he starts screaming and jumping up, so i rocked a little and luckily he was out well enough this time to let me put him down and escape.
Things i will never understand about kids......Why do you fight sleep so much. I don't know if all kids hate to sleep or if i was blessed with two extreme cases of hating sleep and fighting with every ounce of my body to not give in.
While i'm at it,
*I'll have to comment of a couple other things caleb is up to, or In to is more like it.
About a week ago he learned how to open doors, which is not good, but i have locks on certain doors from the outside, like the garage and bathrooms. But not to worry cause today Caleb learned to unlock the door to. Just put his two little fingers up and turned the little lock. Guess i'll be going to get some baby proof locks tomorrow. Cause caleb's favorite thing is to get into a bathroom while i'm not looking and either play in the toilet bowl or turn the sink on and sit in it.
*He has also started to terrorize his sister, with pulling hair, biting, hitting, and taking everything out of her arms, Not that she is the perfect angel either, but i do feel bad for her cause he has her number for sure. But there are those moments where the hug or kiss and are so sweet together.
*Which is another trademark of Caleb, he loves to kiss and zerbert. He is a great cuddler and loves to give kisses, nice wet ones, but the best is he'll come over lift my shirt off my belly and give me a zerbert. He just cracks himself up about it. And its not just one, he has to do at least 4 or 5 of them.
*Caleb also has a lot of personality that shows through in his facial expressions. He isn't talking besides dadda and momma, but he grunts, moans, points, pushes my leg if he has to to get me to move or come where he wants.
*Very dramatic and emotional little boy. He either learned from lizzy or is trying to compete with her. Somewhere i heard little boys are not dramatic, not so. Caleb has no problem flopping down and wailing over every little thing, i know its a toddler thing, but believe me he pushes the envelope on it.
*He is very quick to laugh, usually even in the middle of a melt down, or through tears I can get him to smile or laugh. And he always is trying to get a laugh from us. (with his dance moves, or zerberts)
Besides the fact that i'm exhausted and often can't wait for some of these stages to pass, I love this little guy and wouldn't change him for anything (i may change a few of his behaviors) Anyway I'm blessed to have my two kids and just so grateful they love me too. We definetly have our ups and downs but when i get those hugs, kisses, and zerberts too it is just priceless. And above all i tell myself daily 'joy in the journey'
So i love you Caleb and all the time we get to spend together!