Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring break and more

We decided we would take a birthday, early anniversary getaway and baby moon all at once. CJ's Brother and wife were kind enough to watch our kids for 2 nights, so we could escape for some time together. It was great! We just went to Newport Beach, about an hour north. CJ's mom gave us a free night at the Marriott and so we took it and ran. Well actually we biked all along Newport beach coastline. I was pretty proud that I could bike while 6 months pregnant, without too much trouble. We also ate out at Dukes, probably our most expensive meal ever. It was good, but really not worth it:). We relaxed and slept in. And just enjoyed the beautiful area.
CJ's brother Tim and family came to visit the last week in march. We always love to see them and enjoyed having them stay with us for a few nights. The picture of Caleb and his cousin Anya was just too precious. Caleb actually does love his princess dresses and dressing up. But who couldn't resist the ability to 'twirl!' He actually loves to be a "pretty princess," which I don't suppose will last and he is so cute and innocent doing it, (why shouldn't boys be able too)  I haven't fought it, but sometimes when others laugh at him, he does get embarrassed. and I feel bad for him not really understanding what they are laughing at. (Maybe I should explain to him)
For Lizzy's spring Break we drove up to my parents new house in Greeley Hills, Ca. I previously thought they had lived in the middle of nowhere in Patterson, but they proved me wrong. Now they do, but it is a beautiful mountain community and a beautiful new home there, but quaint and very peaceful. They are only about an hour outside Yosemite, so we took the day and went to Yosemite Valley. It was gorgeous, A bit too much walking for me in one day, but that is only cause we didn't know how to use the free bus system till too late. We loved our stay there. Just being with them is wonderful, but "camping" with modern conveniences was great. We joked about camping the whole time.
Tim and Kirsten joined up and went to Yosemite with us. Abraham, Caleb, Lizzy, and Anya had lots of fun together.
That weekend also happened to be General Conference and Caleb's 3rd Birthday. We were inside most the day listening to conference over the internet, and it snowed for us san diegans. Not quite enough to sled, but enough to throw and build a little snowman. Also kept us inside most the day. So we decided to make have our own family birthday party, with games, presents, and a homemade ice cream cake that was delicious. We played pin the heart on Caleb, and a ball toss. The kids loved it and we had a great time!

CJ, and the kids with their snowman, and our snow clothes!
I think my dad has always dreamed of living in the mountains, so with him retiring this year they decided to give it a try. I was hoping they'd brave the San Diego city life, but I think they like a slow pace lifestyle more. So here is my parents new mountain house. It was just beautiful and we loved being there.
Finally just a picture to show me at just starting my 7 month mark. This pregnancy has definitely been harder then the other two, but I'm sure the reward will be great. A LOT of work, but worth it right. We are so excited to have another child, but also terrified. More often than not CJ and I look at each other and say three. Three is good! Our kids are so fun, but pushing their parents to their limits. This pregnancy has just confirmed I don't want to do it again, so unless there is divine intervention at a later time, We are looking to be a happy family of 5! I love my kids and my husband so much and just grateful they put up with me too. Lizzy has just really been growing in her learning this year with Spanish, reading, and especially math. She just decided the other day she wanted to learn multiplication, so reluctantly I taught her and she totally got it and now does it for fun! Caleb's language has improved a ton and now discovering all kinds of ways to talk and express himself. He is a homebody and usually never wants to leave, (which is so opposite of Lizzy) But he is doing lots better with playing with others. It is so fun to watch him grow up. I am truly blessed.