Friday, April 11, 2008

finally i got around to posting

Well i'm on the month post plan. I just get on different kicks, i get into a book i can't put down (like the twilight series...yes i am a fan too) or I am so exhausted from Lizzy's tantrum, requests, and demands that naps and bedtime i'm all to quick to snooze myself, or i spend my spare time trying to find a good flight and condo in myrtle beach (my bro is getting married in sept. there) or sometimes i clean, read my scriptures, and whatever else seems to be in need of being done. However, Cj has the day off today and volunteered to take liz to the park, so i actually have some alone nice Thanks to Elder Ballards talk in general conference for reminding me the importance of my job as MOM! and enjoying each stage.. and getting some alone time too!

Well the first week of March, Darren had his daughter for the month (she is usually in idaho with her mom) But he had to take a class all week, so we got to play with Denali for 4 long, fun filled days. Deanli was great, but lizzy had to really adjust to another 2 year old wanting her toys and mom's attention. We made it through and Lizzy still asks to see Denali when she's not around. here are some of the peaceful moments we had!

Enjoying the sunshine on our porch eating a snack.

Racing their baby strollers through the apt.

Crazy hair do party in the bath!

Grandma and Grandpa couldn't resist driving down to see some of their grandkids, so we got to enjoy them for the easter weekend. Our ward did an egg hunt with over 700 eggs, it was crazy how many eggs and candy we came away with, and since Cj has been eating sweets only on sundays and of course being a good mom, i don't want all that sugar in lizzy, i have done a fine job of getting rid of the easter candy myself. ( i justify because my doctor actually recommended i gain some weight..thanks doc!)

We had a gorgeous weekend and i got lizzy some new floaties from the easter bunny and we got to use them, (the ones she is wearing are actually her old ones she found) but she loved swimming so much that she wore these around the house for a few days. I can't wait for warm weather and pool days, lizzy is so fun in the pool. which might be soon.. we are hitting the 80s this weekend!
Well thanks for all who read my blog and keep in touch, i'm sorry i don't keep up myself very well, but i love reading about you all when i do get a chance! Much love to all!