Friday, November 25, 2011

Ammonia, Hospital visit, and Pregnant!

As I mentioned in the last post I have not been feeling well, yes I'm pregnant! I have been far sicker with this one then my other two and its been very hard to go. The nausea started the end of October, so I figured I was pretty far along to be feeling so crummy, but finally got into the doctor and he said 6 weeks. I swore I had to be 8- 10 by that time. AHH. So I thought maybe I'd get over it sooner since it started so early, but no. I'm now close to 10 weeks and still sick. I do admit a tad better and I got some medicine to control the nausea, but man its been no fun. But in the middle of all the sick fun, Caleb had a fever for over a week, so I finally took him in to the doctor to have him checked out. Then did x-rays and strep test to show he had walking ammonia. Round of antiboiotics and he is better now well mostly, He is also two and constantly touching things, picking his nose, and thus usually has some sort of cold or bug. Its been a long few months. I used to prize myself on how healthy we were, but after the last 4 months, we have definitely been more sick than not, and that doesn't even count pregnant sick for me. I guess with Kindergarten and Kids club germs are bound to come.
So i took Caleb in on a thursday for the ammonia, then lizzy was up for 3 nights in a row, complaining her tummy hurt and needed to be rubbed, or she had vaginal itching that was very uncomfortable. But during the day she was totally fine, no complaining or anything. But as soon as night came she'd start complaining again. So monday I went to the dr for me during the day and spend 2 hours there, and it was monday night we called and took her to urgent care at 7pm when it was starting again. They admitted her and took xrays and urine and blood samples. Which she was exhausted the whole time, she slept on the way over and in between doctors coming in, on the exam table or on my lap. It was sad. Finally just after 9pm they told us they were admitting her to the hospital. 'What!' I did not expect that outcome, but because she is on the medication she is for her arthritis she is at a high risk for not being able to fight infections. But the hospital (Kaiser) was down in san diego, so we had to drive 20 mins north to my house first, cause i had forgotted her glasses and new she would not be happy in the morning without them. Then we drove the 40 mins south to the hosptial. Finally getting there about 11pm. Then the real torture began. She again slept the whole way there, so I had to wake her, carry her the whole time through the hospital, luckily she is pretty light. Then they put an IV in which was horrible. I mean Lizzy is awesome with shots and gets bloodwork every 6 weeks, but she was not happy about the IV, (which i know from having a baby, i hated that thing) then it kept randomly hurting her hand the whole next day. But the really bad part was the catheter. She had suspicious urine from her urine test, but they needed to get a 'clean' sample to see if it was infected on the inside. It is soo hard to watch your child go through so much pain, Of course I cried, but I'm pregnant (I don't think that mattered) Actually I felt very blessed through the whole ordeal that I did handle it so well while being so sick. But adrenalene kicks in for your kids. Finally we got back to our room and Lizzy was wide awake. So she watched a movie while I tried to sleep on the most uncomfortable pull out chair, the springs were like rocks. Finally after a couple hours I got on the end of Lizzy's bed and slept in a ball the rest the morning. Till she woke up at 6 am ready for something new. The longest and shortest night sleep ever. All because I thought I couldn't go through another sleepless night at home with her complaining her tummy hurt. That was a sleepless night. So they thought it was either ammonia, a urinary tract infection or appendix. She didn't quite have all the symptoms of one, but fairly certain one of the first two. It would take a few days to get the results of the tests to know, but antibiotics would heal both those. So they started her on two strong rounds and sent us home after lunch. I wondered if it was really worth all that, or was the hospital really necessary, but the next day Lizzy asked, "how did they make my tummy better so fast." I figured it was all worth it. And it may have gotten worse and she wouldn't have been able to fight it on her own. So we came home and I got a cold, and fever for the next few days and felt completlely worn out and miserable. I had a great friend bring me dinner and watch Caleb, so I could get some rest. It took a few days to recover and we are doing much better. Lizzy and Caleb are back to normal. CJ has been a huge support in helping and taking the kids when he can, and I am hoping to continue to feel better soon.

A Thankful Thanksgiving!

Well I was trying to decide if iIwanted to keep going with my blog, so I've been procrasinating writing, but since I'm not keeping any other records I decided iId better keep up the blog (somewhat). Reading that last post reminded me about Lizzy's determination. She has been practicing lots of things lately until she got it. It is great to see her work so hard for something and then achieve it. For instance, She really wanted to snap, so she just kept practicing till she got it. Same with tying her shoes, and whistling. Its amazing to see her grow up, and doing new things. She has been a challenge to say the least, but what an amazing blessing she is. She is so sweet and innocent in so many ways, with a determination that she will not loose or give in, that often drives me crazy but I hope will help her throughout her life.
She made my Thankgiving for me in that i have not been feeling well (i'll comment on that later)and my house has been lets say a disaster. So Lizzy took it apon herself to clean the whole family room up. Then I showed so much gratitude for that she decided to go clean the guest room and her bedroom up. Then I went to shower and she got in the shower and got herself dressed all by herself with out me nagging at all. I got out and was just overjoyed for all she did. She totally changed my whole day. I had to go pick up some stuff for the food i was making, so while I was gone I thought i want to do something for my family to show them my love and gratitude on Thanksgiving. So I got Lizzy a little My little pony (which if you know Lizzy her love language is gift giving) and I got CJ some reese's pb cups, and Caleb we had a hand me down car race track from a cousin we hadn't given him yet that we gave him. ( But finally on my way home I remembered I should have got him a 'nak' cause that is what he asks for every 10 mins. (snack) But the whole reason behind it was that Lizzy really put me in a more thankful mode and I really enjoyed the rest the day cause instead of just feeling crummy I was able to focus on showing my family how thankful I was for them.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Befores and Afters

okay just going with the theme of my title. Lizzy has been trying over the last couple months to ride her bike with no training wheels. Little by little she was getting better, then one day she just did it and took off. I'm so proud of my little five year old. in her own words, "you know how i got better at that, is i just try and try until i get better to do the two wheels all by myself"

I've been trying to figure out what i wanted to do in our backyard and finally thought of doing a patch of synthetic grass with a play house on it. So if went to work looking on Craigslist and was happy to find this beauty.... all it needed was some paint. And i talked him down to $100. Which is a steal, cause i looked everywhere and these things are expensive. So now i just need to get my kids to play in it:)



I've been wanted in donate my hair to locks of Love for a while. Usually i grow it pretty long and then chop it before its enough to donate, but this time i lasted. So here is my before and after (10 inches). Also i thought it was cute, the next sunday i went to church and one of lizzy's friends had just chopped her hair and donated it too!


This isn't really a before and after, but we've been having a lot of fun jumping and racing on these bouncey balls. lizzy just came in and wants me to add," Caleb is my favorite pal, I see him everyday" She is in one of her sweet moments. verses earlier when she was telling CJ and I we are the meanest mom and dad in the whole world. But all she needed was a time out and cool down period and she is a sweet girl again.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday time again

So Lizzy had been talking about leprechauns for weeks before st. patrick's day from preschool.
So i figured no chance i'd forget. But come March 17th, didn't give it a second thought. Luckily we decided to take a quick walk to the neighbor right before preschool. The kids love to feed the neighbors dog and it is often where we go on our walks. When we got there, She said come here, and pinched Lizzy and I. Then gave us the green shamrock headband. I was so greatful i found out that way and didn't send lizzy to school up prepared. She may not have let me live it down. I actually just happened to dress Caleb in this shirt though.

Caleb's had a Birthday and turned TWO! Wow time has gone so fast. We went swimming during the day, then came home and dad took him around the yard for a Birthday bike ride. Grandma Mary called to sing Happy Birthday and then our friends came to have cake and Ice cream with us. I think it turned out to be a good day!

Caleb has gotten into bouncing on this ball and it is so funny to see him do it. He gets going pretty fast then flies off. hopefully nothing tragic will happen.

Okay this is a random picture, but had to post Lizzy and Caleb doing ballet together. He loves to dress in her dance clothes, it really is so cute.

Catch up

Seems i am always trying to catch up. So here are some of the latest.

In March we were lucky to have Disneyland tickets given to us, so we had to take the chance and go. We did have fun, but there are way to many people at Disneyland. We started in Fantasyland and Toon town. Also the first mistake, that's where all the kids and most the people are. It just took longer to get through stuff. After lunch we had a lot more fun in Tomorrowland on Lizzy's favorite ride Buzz light year. She went on it 3 or 4 times. And that was the only ride you could pretty much just walk on. CJ took her on Space Mountain because her cousin Halle had just gone and said it was her favorite. Poor Lizzy was so scared and screamed the whole time. Unfortunately not to much after that i took her on another coaster (I was thinking would be much slower, but remembered wrong and again she was upset and screaming.) So no more roller coasters for Lizzy for the day. We did go on the jungle cruise which we loved. It was slow and on a boat. Both kids loved it. We are getting the hang of it, and maybe next time will know all the good stuff to hit.

We had to search for hot dogs, about the only thing Lizzy will eat out. And that one was a corn dog, she had to rip the bread off.

The kids loved the carousel.

We got Caleb to nap in his Stroller, after kicking and screaming. But worth it.
The kids also loved the tea cups, which i do not care for (i get pretty motion sick). i went with them once and dad had to the others.

Here they are relaxing on Minnie's bed.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here's to the moms out there!

Well i just sat down and felt like i needed to write a post. I haven't quite decided how dedicated i am to posting on my blog, but i don't keep a journal either, so i figure i need to have some recollection of thoughts, feelings, and about my family as we are today. So i guess thats why i felt a need to write some stuff. First off, fair warning, i've had a long week (long hours) with my sweet kids and am at the end of my patience rope. I've snapped a few times, which i know is normal, but i feel bad doing it, but sometimes i feel like i can't control my need to get the frustration i feel out of my body. But after i do yell, or throw my tantrum, i look at my kids and they are either scared of what i did and start crying more from their need to feel love, or they look hurt. When i watch other people treating their kids badly, i have to admit i do judge and think i would never do that. (granted i never would in public, but i often think of this after i do something not so nice at home.) Thankfully kids are very forgiving and loving. They easily love me again soon! I do recognize I have the hardest and most rewarding job, although rewarding is in the times i get to see them learn and grow, not necessarily because I think they have the slightest idea how much time and energy i put toward them. Although as i've had my quiet moments of feeling used and taken advantage of, I think of my mom, and how I did this to her to. So THANK YOU MOM for everything you did for me whether i knew it or not. I know i was blessed to have you for my mom. And someday my kids will understand these feeling to when they are parents. (although only the girls will really understand the mom thing) not discounting my hubby or dads at all, because i could not do it with out mine. I'm so grateful he works hard so we can have the things we need)) but I'm talking about the all day, everyday with the kids thing right now.

So last weekend my parents came to visit and they took my kids for the night, so CJ and i got a hotel and stayed in san diego for the night. We went to El Torito for dinner, and watched 'Unknown" and SLEPT IN, and was not woken by kids in the night. We even had tickets to see BYU and SDSU. Everything was perfect, and BYU even won, so that topped it off. We had a great getaway! Then we enjoyed a nice weekend with my parents when we got back. My sister is getting married, so we looked around for places to have her wedding. My kids just adore my parents and had so much fun chasing, playing, and bugging grandma and grandpa. It was so nice to see them want someone besides me to play with. Oh how i wish they lived closer! Caleb is even a very big momma's boy and he adores my mom and would go everywhere with her, he even followed grandpa around which is huge! So, it was kinda like post vacation this week. We had such a great weekend, then this week has been long and painful trying to get back to normal life. We also got colds which has not helped at all!

I guess to top off the week, my 30th birthday is tomorrow. I'm not sure if this tops off the bad week or will start a good week.... I'll just leave it at that for now.

The kids are just growing leaps and bounds. 5 and almost 2. So hard to believe how fast time has gone. We kind of want more kids in the long run, but i just don't know if i can handle more than 2 crazy, dramatic, and energetic kids. I'm open to advice????

Well, I'll leave some pics to enjoy..

My family that makes it all worth it.

My kiddos wishing Gma Mary farewell as she leaves for her mission.

I helped throw a baby shower and attempted my first diaper cake, Lizzy liked it so much, she made her own, i helped a little but she rolled each diaper on her own, and got sticks to keep it together and of course found the toys. I was really impressed she stuck to it, because i really wasn't encouraging it, as i was trying to get ready for the party.