Sunday, November 23, 2008

a much needed journal entry

(i'll have to add pics later, they are on our computer, not set up yet)

so things have been a bit crazy over the past couple months.... mostly with any extra time and energy going towards getting our house ready. Which i 'm excited to say looks like it may be this week we move in. How Thankful i am for that! Its been a long crazy journey,but the house is looking tons better and livable now. Pictures coming soon i promise ( or at least i'll try) We've been staying at Cj's moms house and her internet is what we call slow, so i haven't had the patience to email or blog. But i decided i had to write a few things.

Like WE are having a Boy!. We found out on Nov. 4 and we are excited to have a boy even though i have all the things for a girl, we'll have to make do. Cj is very excited to have a boy. And he is a much needed addition to the dalton side cousins. He now makes it 2 boys to 8 girls. Poor little Asher will finally have another boy on his side.

Also an update on Lizzy. For those with three year olds or have had three year olds, that sums it up She is now Three (or very close, next month) i swore she hit the twos hard, and there was nooooooooo way she could get worse. But she proved me wrong with ease. I've decided twos are somewhat innocent tantrums, they just can't express themselves or understand. But Threes they know and they manipulate, test, and try to see just what they can do and get away with. Of course i need to mention she also has a completely sweet, funny, joyful, curiosity side that i love. But the snap of a finger, or specifically a "NO" turns her angelic side into something kind of scary.
And of course i love her soooo much and in some ways can't get enough of her, but in others she exhausts and frustrates me beyond anything I've ever experienced. I was telling Cj I've never loved someone or something that has frustrated me so much. Kind of a roller coaster. Also, she is trying to be very independent, except when other people are around then she wants MOM to do everything. i'm not kidding ask Cj. So her three favorite phrases of the past few months have been:
1. "I wanna do it"
2. "No! let me do it"
3. " I can do it"

And if anyone tries to help her other than me, "No! Mommy do it"

But she is learning lots about the world, She has learned green light means go, Red light means stop and, orange light means SLLOOOWWW Down. (yes i said orange light, for some reason in so. cal they are orange, not yellow (anyone else notice this?!) actually it has to do with the palomar observatory saying bright lights interfered with their telescope. (so all street lights are orange)
She has learned to pray on her own, which is extremley cute, she usually prays for her friends, and often names them, rachel, Ashlyn, Claire, Emma, and her babies. Which i think are Cooper, and Lara,(her friends newborn siblings) and i'm adding our new one also. She looooooooves babies and always wants to hold and kiss them. So i'm sure she is gonna be a great big sis, after all the jealousy stuff gets figured out. She also prays for her family, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, prophet, temple and for Jesus. It is so sweet and innocent to see her grasp a love for spiritual things.

I best do an update on all of us, CJ just amazes me with his faith and hard work. He has been very blessed to find connections and references, and clients for work, we are in awe at how things work out sometimes. We are learning tons as we are homeowners, even though we did give in and hired most the work done. Its still a learning experience is so many ways. We are in a new ward, which i miss my old one, but once we get to know people here i think it will be better. I have been taking it a day at a time and find my self 6 months pregnant and starting to really show. i try to do more than i should, but my body is first to tell me, slow down.

Most of all we feel very blessed in our lives right now, We are so greatful for the opportunites we have had and that are awaiting us. We are so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that cares about each of us and answers our prayers and has given us promises if we do our part. What peace that brings in a troubled world. So i hope you are all doing well, and feeling thankful for all you have in your lives. i am thankful for each of your friendships and even though we may not talk often, i'm glad our paths have crossed and hope they cross again soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yes i'm serious, we made the giant leap of faith and closed on a house in Vista, california! (Just north of downtown san diego-30 mins or so) So looks like we are gonna be permanent here! which is good cause its a good place to be, only wish my fam was a tad closer, but maybe someday they will see the light!

Its older, 1978 it was built. 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. 2600 sqft. And i would post pictures but it needs a lot of help first. Yup its a bit of a fixer upper. we just maybe got in over our heads, but we'll see. its gonna be great once it is fixed up. we were in cleaning on monday and taking down wallpaper and after getting hardly anywhere the saying from President Monson popped in my mind, "Joy in the journey" so even though things couldn't be more stressful right now with everything, i decided if i enjoy the process it will go much better and it will be a great memory to always have!

so stay tuned for the great before and after pics! sometime hopefully sooner rather than later!
And eventually we will have place to have you all come visit when you come to sunny san diego!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference

What a great opportunity we have to hear a living Prophet of God and amazing insights from Apostles and Leaders. In such a horrible and corrupt society it is nice to take a time out and be reminded of our eternal perspective and how as we cling to the gospel of Jesus Christ we are truly protected and blessed.
I thought i'd share some of the things that touched me most from this weekend: (some are quotes from talks, others are impressions i had)

1-"Don't all the stresses of life to get the best of us." - Elder Perry
2- Hope is abiding trust the Lord will fulfill his romises, our prayers will be answered and with hope comes joy and happiness. We need to hope with confidence.
3- We need unity in our families!
4- "In the strength of the Lord, I can do all things" -Sis. Dalton
5- "Find Joy in the journey" - Pres. Monson

i just have so much love for my Father in Heaven, his son Jesus Christ and in their plans of happiness and salvation. it definitley makes day to day life more meaningful and purposeful. I am so blessed to have this comfort in my life and i hope you all feel the same!!!!

Lizzy also learned from general conference. As we listened she of course was in and out, but she did hear things and repeated them as she heard them:

2-choose the right
3-church (followed by saying "I want to go to church")
4-Joseph Smith
5-present (i think she was hopeful she was going to get a present when she heard this)

I was actually very impressed by her listening skills and once again reminded of the importance of teaching our children when they are young!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lizzy's new shirt

(if you can't read the shirt is says, "I'm going to be aa big sister!") Yes that means i'm pregnant! We had Lizzy wear this shirt when telling both our families we are expecting. She actually hates the shirt, mostly cause its huge (oops i got the wrong size) so we had to bribe her to wear it a couple times. But we got the message across anyway!

So i am about 12 weeks and feeling okay, i've mostly just been nauseus but i'm making it through. the baby is due March 27. And we are very excited to welcome a new baby in our home and even though lizzy will probably be jealous of me holding the baby, she is gonna be the best big sister! she just adores babies and always knows how to take care of them, if they need a bottle, or binky, be held, or a lovey. she already has great motherly instincts!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thought this might be fun

Everyone needs to play...This is Fun!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember--it can be funny, weird, awkward, random, etc.!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Camping at Lake Tahoe

We had a great camping vacation with my parents and sister up at Lake Tahoe in July. We took a hike down to Emerald Bay and it was beautiful. Pretty steep too. good thing we had 5 adults to push lizzy back up! Not to mention Cj sprained his ankle really bad a few days before we left home, but he was a trooper, not complaining just a lot of icing!

This was at the bottom of the hike, where others boated in.

During our rejuvenating snack for the trip up, Lizzy decided to be a hair stylist for her daddy!

This was actually on our way to Tahoe, we stopped for and ice cream sandwich, Lizzy ate too slow, and liked to pick the chocolate off.

Not the best pic of me and sis, but we had so much fun squeezed into the back of my dad's truck for 4 hours. But hey anything to save gas money right!

Cj showing off Lake Tahoe

Lizzy and Smokey the Bear being pals

Lizzy and mom throwing rocks into the lake as gma, gpa and auntie Misty kayaked!

All and all we had an awesome time and a tip to all you campers: Reeses peanut butter cups instead of hershey's chocolate on your smores and roasted starbursts! (just put it on the stick and let it melt once into the fire, take out and cool enough for a chewy, but hardend shell of flavor, also very good mashed with another color. I'm serious... try it!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Some common or not so common lizzy phrases

So Lizzy's most common thing to say is, "NO i wanna do it!) She is very independent, in her thinking and doing stuff anyway, she doesn't want me out of site otherwise. But she dresses herself everyday and usually she actually does pretty good, or i coax her a little, but this day she was adamant and why not, i'm sure you moms know what i'm talking about. Hey they're stripes right they should match. and at least she did something with her hair! its a new fashion just wait, you'll see!
However it went a little too far lately when she had to pick out my clothes to wear, yup thats right i couldn't even do it, i picked up a shirt and she said no and handed me a different one, do i need that much help????

One of Lizzy's most common things to do is grab a purse of backpack and say bye bye i'm going to a meeting, or temple, or work, but the other day she said,
bye bye i'm going to temple i luv you, then she turns around in a moment and says i back now.
Mom- Did you pray to Heavenly Father & Jesus?
liz: yes i have bread & water... bye bye i going to meeting how.
(clever how kids link things together)

I was cutting an avocado while lizzy was watching and she said, "whats that?"
mom: An Avocado
Liz: I want uncle Todno (she has an uncle todd that she loves to see)
Which reminds me , we were just getting to dinner last sunday at Cj's moms house and Cj started walking in the house as i got lizzy out of the car, she looked up and said their's uncle todd and then a second later says, "no thats daddy" (strong family resembrance?)

Lizzy is actually a very good talker, but of course she is 2 and just learning.
Liz: "i want stebetty"
Mom: "Stebetty"
Liz: " NO Stebetty!"
mom: oh spaghetti
Liz: yes
She really thinks she is saying spaghetti, it's so funny.

well i know there are a ton more things, but that'll do for now!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What do you think?

Okay i think this is out of control...... A mysterious red trashy van in the complex

and the only reason i know what it really is doing is because of the music playing, not to mention it is christmas music!

and the front "caution children" is painted with bad black paint job where they messed up on the caution part.

So my question to you is would you buy ice cream from this man?? too bad i didn't get a pic of him, not much better although he does have his son work with him! nice father/ son activity (take my poll, to the left)

I'm sure i over think it but, As for me I choose not to buy ice cream from these sketchy ice cream trucks (we actually have a couple different ones come through)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Shout out to my Hubby

CJ works some long and hard hours especially lately and i want him to know i am grateful for all his hard work. And on top ot that i am so impressed with how much he has accomplished and learned doing business over the last 3 years. I was thinking today how he has had his business for 3 years now, okay i guess 2.5 ,but if you say since 2005 it sounds longer. anyway just thought i'd post some of his latest work! (so all of you can be impressed too)



before and after pics are the best!

Congrats to Darren and Manda!

We are so excited to have Baby Nyali here, and i know Manda was more than ready. It was a long horrible labor, but still a reward at the end. Congrats you guys and so glad you are close, so we get to hang out. and snuggle with Nyali

(for those that don't know Darren is my little bro)

Potty Party Sucess!

Well it has been weeks in the preparing and planning and shopping but it worked!

I read this book "Potty train your child in just one day" by teri crane. the whole idea of the book is to have a big potty theme party. I chose the beach theme because lizzy loves the ocean and swimming. So the idea was to give liz a doll that wets in the morning and have her train the doll, then after nap liz would get big girl panies and have a go herself. (Another reason i thought this would work for Lizzy is cause she loves her baby dolls and she LOVES parties and presents. (i know what kid doesn't, but everytime we go to a party she is adament it is her birthday too! So anyway long story short she wanted to put "big girls" on after just an hour with the doll in the morning, and then at lunch, for baby's party she was again adament that it was her party. So we adapted and threw away lizzy's diapers along with baby's. SO because of Lizzy's determination, and not wanting to be flexible and do it mom's way (or the books) we adjusted. But i am still pleased to say it worked out. We had about 4 succsses and 3 accidents(not to mention one was at our friends on tuesday when we started. Not bad for a first day. But Lizzy went full force and then some. WEd, thurs, and fri so far NO ACCIDENTS (don't worry i am knocking on wood right now). We even went to the park for 3 hours yesterday and two successful trips to the bathroom there. i mentioned and then some , because Lizzy is either overly concerned of having an accident, or she wants a sticker for trying, or the attention of mom following her to the bathroom, because she goes in to sit on the potty usually 3 or 4 times in between the times she really does go. But better that way than accidents on the floor! Anyway i know it goes back to her being ready and nothing i probably did, i'm just glad it is going so well and hopefully no regression! Here are some pics from the party!

The living room set up as the beach

Lizzy loved surfing

Lizzy's reward for no more diapers, a bike and a few beach toys

Lizzy and her potty party baby (the hats say potty animal)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We finally went on vacaion

Now many of you may not think that going to utah is a vacation, but anywhere with a change of scenery and living out of a suitcase is a vacation to me. However you look at it we had a blast! CJ's brother Danny graduated again!!! with another masters or something of that sort :) (Congrats again!) And our nephew Ben was Baptized, which left a mark on Lizzy. The other day as we were driving the primary song Baptized came on and she said, "Jesus baptized like Lucas" well she had the idea (Lucas is Ben's younger brother) She totally put it together! i was very impressed. We also got to be there for baby Rachel's blessing.
well i got a head of my self. Starting out the week we drove from san diego to vegas, where we had a 'free' two nights at imperial palace from a time share presentation. it ended up being fun, but we weren't so sure in the beginning. It was my first time ever to vegas, and while it is a lot of lights and impressive buildings, there is a different feel, at least were we were on the strip. But after arguing a little with the hotel we finally got a quiet room and no smoke, which was a safe haven away from the casino downstairs and all the characters that attracts. I serioulsy thought someone was going to come up and tell me it was illegal to have a 2 year old there. Anyway Lizzy loved the hotel stay...

So tuesday was a beautiful day and we set out to take in vegas, we had no idea where or what we were doing but we heard there was a aquarium at Mandalay Bay so we saw it on the monorail map and headed off, problem was the stop was a couple miles from the resort, we braved it anyway: no stroller+ 80 degree = big problem. not to mention Lizzy is such a mama's girl, she won't let CJ do anything for her. as seen in this pic when mom couldn't hold her any longer and made her go to daddy!

Finally indoors and the aquarium, at least there was one there!

After vegas we headed to Utah and stayed with Jill and Micah (good friends from byuh) We had a great time and can you believe it snowed while we were there. 80 degrees one day two days later snow. But it was still fun to see it, we haven't see snow for a loooooooooong time and lizzy never had.

We had a great time visiting with the smiths and our friends, the Brouwers, came to see us, (congrats again to Paul for making the cut to be a seminary teacher... we are still anxious to hear where!) Also thanks Tara for taking me out to lunch! Sorry to others we missed while there, the time went toooo fast, but we hope to see you soon!
Friday we headed up to Tooele to see my bro and family. We had a great time and they have all the pics from there. We went to temple sguare and no Lizzy will say, " Bye Bye i'm going temple square, see you later, i love you" this is a commom phrase recently, but she subs in school, meeting, temple, as she feels the need, so since utah and seeing her cousin halle she sometimes adds i'm going to 'temple square, get married' We also played a great game, with trains and the us map, can't quite remember the name , but it was really fun.
Then we went up to Ogden for the baptism and blessing on sunday in Clinton. We enjoyed each part of our trip, but decided sunday afternoon we'd better drive to vegas and break up the long trip on monday. So thanks to Kyle and Sam (Cj's high school friend) offering a place to stay in vegas we made it home monday afternoon in time to take care of a major work crisis.....
his employee put unleaded gas in his 2007 Ford Diesel Truck. OOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPSSSS
Don't worry....a Tow, $758, 2 days, and no insurance to help us out (after they said they would) its as good as new! A big grain of salt after a great vacation!

Friday, April 11, 2008

finally i got around to posting

Well i'm on the month post plan. I just get on different kicks, i get into a book i can't put down (like the twilight series...yes i am a fan too) or I am so exhausted from Lizzy's tantrum, requests, and demands that naps and bedtime i'm all to quick to snooze myself, or i spend my spare time trying to find a good flight and condo in myrtle beach (my bro is getting married in sept. there) or sometimes i clean, read my scriptures, and whatever else seems to be in need of being done. However, Cj has the day off today and volunteered to take liz to the park, so i actually have some alone nice Thanks to Elder Ballards talk in general conference for reminding me the importance of my job as MOM! and enjoying each stage.. and getting some alone time too!

Well the first week of March, Darren had his daughter for the month (she is usually in idaho with her mom) But he had to take a class all week, so we got to play with Denali for 4 long, fun filled days. Deanli was great, but lizzy had to really adjust to another 2 year old wanting her toys and mom's attention. We made it through and Lizzy still asks to see Denali when she's not around. here are some of the peaceful moments we had!

Enjoying the sunshine on our porch eating a snack.

Racing their baby strollers through the apt.

Crazy hair do party in the bath!

Grandma and Grandpa couldn't resist driving down to see some of their grandkids, so we got to enjoy them for the easter weekend. Our ward did an egg hunt with over 700 eggs, it was crazy how many eggs and candy we came away with, and since Cj has been eating sweets only on sundays and of course being a good mom, i don't want all that sugar in lizzy, i have done a fine job of getting rid of the easter candy myself. ( i justify because my doctor actually recommended i gain some weight..thanks doc!)

We had a gorgeous weekend and i got lizzy some new floaties from the easter bunny and we got to use them, (the ones she is wearing are actually her old ones she found) but she loved swimming so much that she wore these around the house for a few days. I can't wait for warm weather and pool days, lizzy is so fun in the pool. which might be soon.. we are hitting the 80s this weekend!
Well thanks for all who read my blog and keep in touch, i'm sorry i don't keep up myself very well, but i love reading about you all when i do get a chance! Much love to all!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another year older and wiser too

Well i guess i gots to blog about my bday! A couple days before i mentioned to CJ we'd gone to the beach every year on my birthday since we've been married and i figured it wouln't be a bday without the beach. So luckily we woke to beautiful blue skies and sun and took advantage and went to the beach and met my sister there too. It was beautiful of course except Lizzy doesn't know what it means to wear warm clothes (she literally kicks and screams at the mere mention of socks, shoes, pants or coat) anyway at the beach i finally persuaded her into pants, but regardless she got cold and cranky too soon, but it was still fun! Then that night we went to a very nice restaurant (the Beach House or somehting like that) nicest place i've ever eaten at and it was delicious (and i'm usually pretty picky when dining out) We went with some of Cj's fam and my sister in law has the same bday as me, so we were treated out! It was really fun. Thanks Mary! All in all, even though i'm older now, it was a great day!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lizzy scored an A+

I guess i need to add..We went to the eye doctor yesterday and Lizzy's wandering eye is not wandering so much anymore. She has just about 100 percent improved meaning.....NO EYE PATCHING! I couldn't be happier, i was so worried about having to patch her and no need she did it one her own! She'll still wear glasses for a while, but she is doing awesome! GO LIZZY! I feel i also need to add i have been praying and even fasting for her eye to be well enough that no patching was needed and I know the Lord is aware of our needs and concerns and i am so thankful for that comfort and knowledge!

A Day out with Grandma and Grandpa

My parents came to visit last weekend, which is always great to have them around and see the love and excitement Lizzy has for them being here. We took the day and went to Bates Nut Farm, about 30 mins from my apt. It wasn't as much a nut farm as it was a park with huge farm animals. These animals were unbelievable how big they were. It was really fun seeing animals that i've shown lizzy in books, but actually seeing them for real. Geese, pigs, emu's, goats, donkey's, turkey and chickens, llambas. Liz was a little nervous at first, but warmed up after a while and even got into picking up seeds off the ground and feeding them.
Lizzy with Gma playing at the playground!

The fam at bates, soaking up some sun after our strom, and enjoying the animals!
Lizzy with Gma and Gpa! She took awhile to warm up to them, but finally realized they are the coolest!
mom and liz checking out the geese!
The big piggy!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New site Just out from the Church

The Church has been putting a lot of sites out lately, but a new one about the Savior and our relationship to him is the latest! Take a in my favorites.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A month or two in review!

we took our last visit to Seaworld, our passes just expired. too bad, cause Lizzy was just starting to get into it. Probably why she was free up till 3. but i decided between the drive and we'd seen everything to not renew our passes, but we did have some great times there. I showed this pic of the copter cause she took her baby doll with her and had to show her eveything Lizzy saw. She is a great mom! (already) she also for some reason loved the hugh shark teeth. I have discovered Lizzy makes up her own mind, she won't be persuaded by anyone. Which is a great quality to have as a teen, but sometimes hard to deal with as a two year old. We did have a great time seeing "whales, fishes, sharks, dolphins", as Lizzy would say.

The end of January I got to get together with some good friends from the college days! I love reunions with great friends, no matter the time that has passed there is still a great time to be had each get together. Monica and Cassie met up with us at Phils BBQ, quite the happening place. We were also joined by Donnie, Cj's bro, and roommate to make quite a fun reunion. And to top it off Lizzy was great (the playdoh and Monica making cut outs with her helped) Thanks Monica, Cassie, and Donnie for meeting us. We had a great time.

Well thats a little of our past month or two! We are still happy and even healthy. CJ has been working very hard the last couple months in getting his business up and running on its own, (meaning generating his own sales) stay tuned for a website coming soon! Laters!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Pres. Hinckley

This website (in my favorite links) is just out about Pres. Hinckley and his life. Pretty cool, check it out. Also check back soon for a upcoming site about Pres. Monson! My brother Tyler works for the church and designs their websites. Looks great Ty!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

I couldn't help thinking about this scripture as i was putting Lizzy to bed tonight. It really has been so amazing to see her already have a love for church, nursery, Jesus, prayer,and the scriptures. Each night we read out of the picture scripture stories and then go to bed. She loves it, probably mostly that she gets to lay down with mom and dad on their bed and gets all their attention. Then tonight after we read she ran off to get her "toys" to sleep with and came back with a Jesus figurine she got for Christmas. She wanted to sleep with Jesus. Then we prayed and after she wanted to pray again, so we prayed this time she repeated everything i said. Then we sang our primary songs, which she knows so well from nursery. (its crazy when they start picking things up that you don't teach them directly) Then as i left the room she rolled over to go to sleep without a peep (after asking for water, a snack, and a treat of course) And the biggest shocker of ALL! She didn't even ask for her binky...which is huge and i'm still in shock, we have only been using in for naps and nighttime lately, but she usually only goes to bed to get the binky. And she didn't ask for it, didn't cry, just went to sleep....Now that was my perfect bedtime routine. I suppose no chance it will happen again, but gives me hope!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Our day on Sunday the 20th!

Okay i'm serious when I say this is like the first pic Cj and I have taken together in like a year. For Christmas we both have family calendars and when i went in search of pics...they were ALL Lizzy, I mean she is much cuter and more exciting to take pics of, but i guess we need to get some photo time in too!

Lizzy and mommy both baking in our aprons, and lizzy had to take a pic with her camera too
We celebrated, my sister misty's 23rd bday on sunday! She is way into good healthy eating, (or i should probrably say trys too, she has a sweet tooth too) so i made a Chicken Salad, Fruit Salad, homemade rolls, and some broccoli and i don't think i've ever seen her happier! She MMMM through the whole meal. Made me feel good at least. Also finished it off with some homemade Banana Cream pie! Misty's roommate Apryl, Manda, and Darren (my bro and girlfriend), and Misty, (the cute redhead...if you now any good mormon boys that want to be set up let me know, don't tell her i said that she'd probably kill me.) And Cj's Mom and Sister all joined us for the a good time. And of course Lizzy loved all the company when she had all the attention on her. She loved to preform her somersaults and donkey kicks (which she learned from her cousin Andrew)