Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our summer fun... (part 1)

Donnie and Kira's Wedding!

We are so excited for Donnie and Kira, Lizzy had been asking all summer when was the wedding, mostly cause she knew she got to wear a pretty green dress and she couldn't wait. The day started out a little rough for us, Lizzy throwing tantrums all the way to the temple, and during pictures. But it was a beautiful day and lots of fun to see family! The best part (besides of course the sealing) i have to admit was the end of the reception when the dancing got going. All the nieces and nephews had the dance bug. I saw some of the best moves. I was impressed by all the moves, but just amazed how the body just takes over when the music turns on. Lizzy was coming up with some of the funniest moves. i'll try to post a video, but we'll see.

Lizzy with cousin Cami waiting outside the temple

All and All a great weekend to celebrate Donnie and Kira. It was so much fun seeing all the family as well as getting to know Kira's side. I especially was impressed with the dance her brothers put on at the reception!

Where to find the time.....

I really have a bloggin mindset, cause i constantly go through the day and think oh i could say this or post that, but then when i comes down to it....I usually decide to sleep, when i get a chance, However i know i sometimes need to sacrifice for the good of my journal and trying to remember everything that goes on in my life...especially with my sweet kiddos. I just wish i was better, but i've never liked journal writing, so its another thing i do cause i know i should.

Luckily, Caleb has slept through the night the last 3 nights. We moved him out of our room, which was a great thing to do, He seems to know i'm not right there and he is not going to get food, so he has slept great.

Lizzy continues to amaze and try my patience. But for all you moms of preschoolers out there. I read yesterday some comforting words, which said.. Enjoy this time when your preschooler thinks the world of you, wants to be with you all the time, do everything you do, because never again in your life are they going to want to be with you that much. And enjoy their excitement and energy to see, do, and try new things. They are learning so much so fast, don't get upset when they forget to do something you think they shouldn't. I know i've been loosing it with lizzy, but after reading some things from her viewpoint, i had a much better day today as i tried to enjoy some of those things i usually think are annoying.

Lizzy just loves Caleb and is really very helpful, its funny to see her interact with him because it so often is things i do or say and she is trying to copy. Like the other day she got up in his face and said, "Are you hungry? Cause i just want to eat you up!" Her version of something i probably say, like "you are so cute i'm gonna eat you up" We were sitting around at my brother in laws and she didn't think anyone was listening, but she said that and we all started laughing, although she was saying it very seriously cause she got very embarrassed and upset that we were laughing.