Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter -simply Fun

Holidays are so much more fun with kids.... They are so easily excited to see and do... We dyed easter eggs with cousins, had an easter egg hunt at home on saturday and then at Grandma Mary's with all the extented family on Sunday. How fun is it to find an egg with candy or money in it!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Birthday BOY

WOW talk about crazy, my little baby turned one last week. i can't believe it. This year has flown by. Caleb has just been so fun to have around. The first 8 months he was my angel baby. Happy, smiling, go with the flow, content. Then he hit the crawling age and a bit attached to mom (i mean a lot, the second i walk away from him he screams bloody murder, but at least he likes me right!) So the last 5 months have not been quite as easy going as the first 8, but stages right. It is so fun to see Lizzy and Caleb interact together. They wrestle, play, and already fight just like siblings should, but they also show a ton of love to each other. Those of course are the priceless moments. So caleb has shown some signs of strong will and opinionated just like his sister. He will let us know with a shriek, or sad pouty face, he has perfected, and when he cries it is instant tears, he doesn't have to work up to it at all, the first cry, his tears flow like a river. So we didn't do anything too big for his first bday, i guess cause i was in denial he was turning one and because i didn't want to give him sugar! aka cake. but i did, however no frosting, i know i'm no fun, but i didn't really want to clean him up either.

Ready to dig in, the cake was actually made by my sister in law Erika, for her twins bday, but we celebrated together! it was a really cute cupcake cake.

This was his pouty face when the cake was gone, and him trying to figure how to get the last few crumbs in... (don't worry he shrieked too, for more... but being the first sugar, i wasn't about to over do it)

A Happy Birthday Boy, with his cake. Too bad now he knows................

A few of Caleb's favoites at age 1. He loves to lay on this footstool and rock back and forth:

He LOVES to empty draws, and lately has found the joy in sitting or standing in them, i turn my back for a minute and he is in this drawer.
One of his favorite spots, cause he can crawl up on the fireplace and hang out, or get into things i don't want him too.
We actually went to the beach the day before his birthday and the weather was great, I let him crawl around, he loved it, and didn't even put too much in his mouth. Maybe we're leaving that stage...hopefully
Of course sissy was with us too, she wanted me to take this picture as a joke up close, but it turned out being really cute!
AND Sadly he got his first black eye, i'm sure it won't be his last, but it was really sad... He pulled a step ladder over on top of him, luckily he got over it fairly quickly and doesn't seem too bothered by it. But oh so sad.