Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just one of those posts....

I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste, (i know -but it wasn't working) so read the last 2 paragraphs first)

One of the many up sides of living in san diego is we wear coats for fun and dressing up, notice the shorts she is wearing! She just got this hand me down coat from her cousin, believe me i would not invest in something this warm, although it is adorable!

Here is my happy guy. I can just about always count on Caleb to be my happy camper. If he does cry, Lizzy will tell me, "You only have one happy camper right now"refering to her of course, it is something i have told her many times, when she is good, i'll say thanks for being a happy camper. and she often uses it on caleb. But it is not often becasue he is sooooooo fun, always on the verge of a smile. He is willing to anyone that looks his way, to give them a unforgetable grin.
Lizzy has also mellowed out a TON lately and been such a great helper, fun to be with, and so clever. i'm continually amazed at her comments and the things she remembers. She went swimming with her dad and aunt Ally the other day and as she was getting in the pool, said "hey look, i'm grandma Mary" and started moving her arms and legs like she was doing water aerobics as her grandma does. It was so random, but clever of her. they couldn't stop laughing. She got her cousins to join in too. She has definitely been challenging, but also so rewarding to hear her laugh and talk so grown up.
i had to take this pic of CJ and Caleb, they looked so sharp in their sunday best! Caleb just loves his daddy and laughs so hard when Cj makes faces and tickles him. And CJ just loves that they can already watch football (or whatever sport is on) together.
So the up side to having a motivated hubby is he gets things done. The down side is i get holes in my ceiling. I am not complaining at all, over the last few months, Cj has worked his magic and with trading services has gotten me all over head lighting in our used to be very dark house, as well as granite countertops in my kitchen and bathrooms, crown molding, and a whole house ceiling fan. (the crown molding and fan was all CJ, as the pictures show) He researched and figured out how to cut a hole in the ceiling and guess what. The roof is still in tack. We were just a tad nervous, but it all worked out! THe fan is designed to suck in the cool night air, that san diego so often has and blow out the hot air through the attic. The good news is, it works great, the bad news is we haven't needed it the last few weeks cause its been so cold. But i hear its supposed to warm again, so we'll see.
He would probably prefer to not have this pic up, but i think it is adorable!
Just one of those priceless photos. Lizzy on the way home from beach, fell asleep, hat and all!

Well its just been a while so i decided i'd suck it up and write. For some journal writing or blogging is a hobby and fun, but for me it is a chore. i guess i mostly don't like the time it takes to post. i somehow feel like i am wasting time and should be doing something else. or perhaps just go to bed, so i can make it through the next day. Anyhow this is probably why i don't post much, but since i don't keep a journal either, i figure i better do some writing somewhere! So here it is:

The last few months have had there ups and downs,but mostly just normal life stuff. A HUGE up is that Lizzy's joints are looking amazing. She was crawling the other day and i couldn't believe the difference and the range of motion she has now. she went from like a 45 degree to 90. She over all just seems happier, which could be the medicine itself, but i think more likely, it is because she doesn't have discomfort like she used to.
The down is that she just went to the eye dr. and now has to wear a patch for 2 hours a day. but after the first day battle, she has done amazing, doesn't even complain. she is amazing and such a strong kid.