Sunday, March 29, 2009

a little update

... well first of all....still no baby, guess he is taking his sweet time, probably hears the tantrums his sister throws and isn't sure he is ready for that yet. Although Lizzy says she is, everyday or multiple times a day i hear, "i'm ready for your baby to come now" like i need a reminder. I"M READY TOO. (actually its really cute to hear her say) i had high hopes yesterday after having contractions for 4 -5 hours , but i guess those darn braxten hicks, cause they never got worse or real regular, and eventually went away. although the plus was i think after not sleeping well the two nights before and my body working that hard for pretty much nothing, i was sooooooo tired, so i slept soooooooooo good last night. and so we wait.. (by the way all you that have your babies weeks early....or even days....well you are lucky!...i'll leave it at that) the mental game is the most difficult, every moment i this it ....NOOOOOOOOO

middle of march (9 months)

Okay as for lizzy update, she is in the study and the drugs seem to be leaving no side effects yet at least. We think we notice a difference in her joints, but are anxious to hear what the docs say on thurs. She of course hates the shots, she gets two, once a week. but each week is better. she didn't cry at all on one leg last week, we were amazed. she she usually asks every day if she is getting her shots, which i respond, "no not today", and she quickly jumps up and down yelling "yeah!" (unless its thursday then its, "noooooo how bout later." But she is tough and is doing great. so thanks for all your sweet comments, emails, and prayers. they have definetly helped!

Lizzy trying out the baby carrier!