Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Fun and more

okay i started this post a while ago and finally getting around to finishing

Okay so we are trying to get back in the swing of things around here. I thought it would be fun to enjoy easter celebrations and especially wanted Lizzy to know we hadn't forgot about her and she deserves to enjoy holidays!. So we painted eggs, crashed our old wards easter egg hunt, even though there were as always tons of kids and lizzy didn't even get one egg on the hunt. But her good friend Emma came to her rescue and shared some 'treats' with her, because that is the only thing she cares about. Then we did an easter egg hunt at home! i think overall we had a nice weekend, and even got my sister-in-law to take some pics of my kiddos! Thanks Brookie! and i know trying to get a 3 yr old and newborn to look at the same time let alone smile or have eyes open is extremely challenging.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Caleb Christopher is here!

Hard to believe it has been almost a week since he came. WE wait and wait and wait, and then he came and time has flown by. Caleb arrived Tues. March 31, 2009 at 4:46am. He weighed 8lbs and 9ozs. 20 inches. dark blue eyes and light hair like lizzy had. So he is probably gonna be another toe head. He is adorable and just perfect! WE are SOOOO excited he is here.

Okay i have to give some details of his arrival, so fair warning to skip this paragraph if you don't want to know the "details". So i had been having braxten hick contractions all weekend, so going to bed Monday night i was having a few contractions that were stronger than they had been, but not regular at all. I'd wake up every couple hours, or 30, 20, or 15 mins. but never constant. I'd wake up and wonder for a minute if this was it, but fall back asleep. So figure it wasn't gonna happen too soon. (However my last dr. appointment on the 26th i was dilated to a 4 and the dr. said she thought i'd go fast, so not to wait to long at home. Not more than 10 min contractions for an hour. So i was kind of waiting for that gauge. It never came I went from sporadic to waking at 3:30 with constant pain. It wasn't a contraction that let up so i wasn't sure. i just felt like i had to go to the bathroom, but i couldn't sit or stand. i called the dr. but she said it was up to me. So i waited another 10 mins or so and decieded it was time, meanwhile Lizzy came in asking for her binky and then wondering why all the lights were on. Cj went to get Lizzy's glasses and I went to sit on the toilet and felt a bulge, which i'm sure was the water sac, but freaked me out completely. So we hurried a little faster, I called my sister(who happened to be sleeping in her car, another long story) but a blessing cause she was able to meet us at the hospital to take Lizzy quickly. So the timeline was we woke at 3:30, decided to go to the hospital just after 4. On the was to the hospital my contractions became normal and i was having them 2 to 3 minutes apart. So even the first time it stopped i felt fine and questioned myself, but then it hit again of course no doubts. in the car i really was tring not to show too much pain, but nearly impossible, Lizzy kept asking what was happening and if the baby was kicking too hard, and would tell the baby to stop hurting mommy. (so sweet of her) We got there in 10 mins arriving at 4:35, i walked into the ER.(in between another contraction so i felt fine and asked for OB and they took there sweet time getting someone down there. Well it seemed like forever, when the contraction hit again. So she wheeled me up to OB which was a very painful ride, that Cj says i was screaming in the elevator, i just recal groaning very loudly. So they took me in the room, told me to put a gown on, i barely could throw my clothes off fast enough. Then i got on the chair, the nurse checked me, and didn't say anthing. So i was like what am i, then she responded," Oh you're a 10 and ready to have this baby." So they kept saying page the dr. (thankfully she was already at the hospital) and Cj remembers it taking forever and nurses bumping into each other. I just wanted it to stop! So the dr. got there, gloves on, water sac exploded (i'm serious) I was laying on the bed and saw Water go flying, then the dr. saying okay water broke and you can push the next contraction. Now i guess i have to admit, I screamed! I'm not usually a screamer, but there was no where else for the pain to go, i had to let it out. I think Cj was a little shocked, I think i was too, but after a looooong push or two He came out.And then it is just amazing, to have that little guy there, real, crying, healthy, a relief for sure!!! Okay so a few days before i have to admit, I told Cj i was curious to know what a natural birth would be like. So i guess i asked for it, but i'm just glad it was fast. Pain can be endured quickly, but if i was in labor for hours like that, wow that is a whole different ball game. The pros were definetly that it was fast, (relative i guess)
no needles (iv or anything) I HATE NEEDLES.
I didn't feel drugged after, and actually felt pretty good, the pain hit the next day more.
CJ was home and not working far away,
Lizzy woke on her own right when we needed to go. i may have tried waiting till Misty got to our house.
Misty was sleeping in the car that night and got there fast.
MOST of all Caleb is perfect, a sweet baby, that is so far sleeping and eating fantastic.
And quick delivery means no birth canal deformaties. He does have smashed ears(on the top of each ear, the pediatrician thinks is from being squished in there so well, but will eventually be normal.

Well that was definetly the long version, but i had to make sure i got it in writing.
My parents came wed. night and were sooooo helpful. With food, taking Lizzy out and chasing her (her favorite game that she NEVER tires of)
Lizzy LOVES her brother. Always wants to hold him and help change him. She took the role of picking out his clothes, which i have a feeling may never stop. As long as she helps him look good, i guess he'll love it. (i'm a little jealous though cause she never lets me pick out her clothes and now i don't even get to pick out Caleb's either.
We are all doing great, i'm starting to feel fairly normal and able to move around better. We are just trying to digest that we now have two kids and have changed forever. We are so grateful for this change and just so excited for the future. I guess i need to change my blog title... i'll have to think about that for a lilttle bit.