Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday time again

So Lizzy had been talking about leprechauns for weeks before st. patrick's day from preschool.
So i figured no chance i'd forget. But come March 17th, didn't give it a second thought. Luckily we decided to take a quick walk to the neighbor right before preschool. The kids love to feed the neighbors dog and it is often where we go on our walks. When we got there, She said come here, and pinched Lizzy and I. Then gave us the green shamrock headband. I was so greatful i found out that way and didn't send lizzy to school up prepared. She may not have let me live it down. I actually just happened to dress Caleb in this shirt though.

Caleb's had a Birthday and turned TWO! Wow time has gone so fast. We went swimming during the day, then came home and dad took him around the yard for a Birthday bike ride. Grandma Mary called to sing Happy Birthday and then our friends came to have cake and Ice cream with us. I think it turned out to be a good day!

Caleb has gotten into bouncing on this ball and it is so funny to see him do it. He gets going pretty fast then flies off. hopefully nothing tragic will happen.

Okay this is a random picture, but had to post Lizzy and Caleb doing ballet together. He loves to dress in her dance clothes, it really is so cute.

Catch up

Seems i am always trying to catch up. So here are some of the latest.

In March we were lucky to have Disneyland tickets given to us, so we had to take the chance and go. We did have fun, but there are way to many people at Disneyland. We started in Fantasyland and Toon town. Also the first mistake, that's where all the kids and most the people are. It just took longer to get through stuff. After lunch we had a lot more fun in Tomorrowland on Lizzy's favorite ride Buzz light year. She went on it 3 or 4 times. And that was the only ride you could pretty much just walk on. CJ took her on Space Mountain because her cousin Halle had just gone and said it was her favorite. Poor Lizzy was so scared and screamed the whole time. Unfortunately not to much after that i took her on another coaster (I was thinking would be much slower, but remembered wrong and again she was upset and screaming.) So no more roller coasters for Lizzy for the day. We did go on the jungle cruise which we loved. It was slow and on a boat. Both kids loved it. We are getting the hang of it, and maybe next time will know all the good stuff to hit.

We had to search for hot dogs, about the only thing Lizzy will eat out. And that one was a corn dog, she had to rip the bread off.

The kids loved the carousel.

We got Caleb to nap in his Stroller, after kicking and screaming. But worth it.
The kids also loved the tea cups, which i do not care for (i get pretty motion sick). i went with them once and dad had to the others.

Here they are relaxing on Minnie's bed.