Friday, June 27, 2008

Some common or not so common lizzy phrases

So Lizzy's most common thing to say is, "NO i wanna do it!) She is very independent, in her thinking and doing stuff anyway, she doesn't want me out of site otherwise. But she dresses herself everyday and usually she actually does pretty good, or i coax her a little, but this day she was adamant and why not, i'm sure you moms know what i'm talking about. Hey they're stripes right they should match. and at least she did something with her hair! its a new fashion just wait, you'll see!
However it went a little too far lately when she had to pick out my clothes to wear, yup thats right i couldn't even do it, i picked up a shirt and she said no and handed me a different one, do i need that much help????

One of Lizzy's most common things to do is grab a purse of backpack and say bye bye i'm going to a meeting, or temple, or work, but the other day she said,
bye bye i'm going to temple i luv you, then she turns around in a moment and says i back now.
Mom- Did you pray to Heavenly Father & Jesus?
liz: yes i have bread & water... bye bye i going to meeting how.
(clever how kids link things together)

I was cutting an avocado while lizzy was watching and she said, "whats that?"
mom: An Avocado
Liz: I want uncle Todno (she has an uncle todd that she loves to see)
Which reminds me , we were just getting to dinner last sunday at Cj's moms house and Cj started walking in the house as i got lizzy out of the car, she looked up and said their's uncle todd and then a second later says, "no thats daddy" (strong family resembrance?)

Lizzy is actually a very good talker, but of course she is 2 and just learning.
Liz: "i want stebetty"
Mom: "Stebetty"
Liz: " NO Stebetty!"
mom: oh spaghetti
Liz: yes
She really thinks she is saying spaghetti, it's so funny.

well i know there are a ton more things, but that'll do for now!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What do you think?

Okay i think this is out of control...... A mysterious red trashy van in the complex

and the only reason i know what it really is doing is because of the music playing, not to mention it is christmas music!

and the front "caution children" is painted with bad black paint job where they messed up on the caution part.

So my question to you is would you buy ice cream from this man?? too bad i didn't get a pic of him, not much better although he does have his son work with him! nice father/ son activity (take my poll, to the left)

I'm sure i over think it but, As for me I choose not to buy ice cream from these sketchy ice cream trucks (we actually have a couple different ones come through)