Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lizzy's new shirt

(if you can't read the shirt is says, "I'm going to be aa big sister!") Yes that means i'm pregnant! We had Lizzy wear this shirt when telling both our families we are expecting. She actually hates the shirt, mostly cause its huge (oops i got the wrong size) so we had to bribe her to wear it a couple times. But we got the message across anyway!

So i am about 12 weeks and feeling okay, i've mostly just been nauseus but i'm making it through. the baby is due March 27. And we are very excited to welcome a new baby in our home and even though lizzy will probably be jealous of me holding the baby, she is gonna be the best big sister! she just adores babies and always knows how to take care of them, if they need a bottle, or binky, be held, or a lovey. she already has great motherly instincts!