Sunday, November 23, 2008

a much needed journal entry

(i'll have to add pics later, they are on our computer, not set up yet)

so things have been a bit crazy over the past couple months.... mostly with any extra time and energy going towards getting our house ready. Which i 'm excited to say looks like it may be this week we move in. How Thankful i am for that! Its been a long crazy journey,but the house is looking tons better and livable now. Pictures coming soon i promise ( or at least i'll try) We've been staying at Cj's moms house and her internet is what we call slow, so i haven't had the patience to email or blog. But i decided i had to write a few things.

Like WE are having a Boy!. We found out on Nov. 4 and we are excited to have a boy even though i have all the things for a girl, we'll have to make do. Cj is very excited to have a boy. And he is a much needed addition to the dalton side cousins. He now makes it 2 boys to 8 girls. Poor little Asher will finally have another boy on his side.

Also an update on Lizzy. For those with three year olds or have had three year olds, that sums it up She is now Three (or very close, next month) i swore she hit the twos hard, and there was nooooooooo way she could get worse. But she proved me wrong with ease. I've decided twos are somewhat innocent tantrums, they just can't express themselves or understand. But Threes they know and they manipulate, test, and try to see just what they can do and get away with. Of course i need to mention she also has a completely sweet, funny, joyful, curiosity side that i love. But the snap of a finger, or specifically a "NO" turns her angelic side into something kind of scary.
And of course i love her soooo much and in some ways can't get enough of her, but in others she exhausts and frustrates me beyond anything I've ever experienced. I was telling Cj I've never loved someone or something that has frustrated me so much. Kind of a roller coaster. Also, she is trying to be very independent, except when other people are around then she wants MOM to do everything. i'm not kidding ask Cj. So her three favorite phrases of the past few months have been:
1. "I wanna do it"
2. "No! let me do it"
3. " I can do it"

And if anyone tries to help her other than me, "No! Mommy do it"

But she is learning lots about the world, She has learned green light means go, Red light means stop and, orange light means SLLOOOWWW Down. (yes i said orange light, for some reason in so. cal they are orange, not yellow (anyone else notice this?!) actually it has to do with the palomar observatory saying bright lights interfered with their telescope. (so all street lights are orange)
She has learned to pray on her own, which is extremley cute, she usually prays for her friends, and often names them, rachel, Ashlyn, Claire, Emma, and her babies. Which i think are Cooper, and Lara,(her friends newborn siblings) and i'm adding our new one also. She looooooooves babies and always wants to hold and kiss them. So i'm sure she is gonna be a great big sis, after all the jealousy stuff gets figured out. She also prays for her family, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, prophet, temple and for Jesus. It is so sweet and innocent to see her grasp a love for spiritual things.

I best do an update on all of us, CJ just amazes me with his faith and hard work. He has been very blessed to find connections and references, and clients for work, we are in awe at how things work out sometimes. We are learning tons as we are homeowners, even though we did give in and hired most the work done. Its still a learning experience is so many ways. We are in a new ward, which i miss my old one, but once we get to know people here i think it will be better. I have been taking it a day at a time and find my self 6 months pregnant and starting to really show. i try to do more than i should, but my body is first to tell me, slow down.

Most of all we feel very blessed in our lives right now, We are so greatful for the opportunites we have had and that are awaiting us. We are so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father that cares about each of us and answers our prayers and has given us promises if we do our part. What peace that brings in a troubled world. So i hope you are all doing well, and feeling thankful for all you have in your lives. i am thankful for each of your friendships and even though we may not talk often, i'm glad our paths have crossed and hope they cross again soon!