Friday, July 3, 2009

Kid update

Wow looking at this picture is so crazy it was only 3 months ago. Caleb has been the best, my angel. He loves to sleep, eats well, and just happy, loves to smile and just look around. He is sleeping good at night with just one feeding usually around 3 or 4. His sister just adores him. So he went from this :

To this is 3 months. He is my big boy- 16lbs -96 percentile, and 25 1/2 inches-98 percentile
We keep telling liz she better not pick on him, cause he will be bigger than her soon, and be able to retaliate. (she doesn't listen)

He loves his swing, sometimes hours go by and he is still loving it!

Lizzy loves holding him and trying to get him to smile. Sometimes she gets upset when he doesn't smile at her. She calls him her best friend forever and says she is gonna keep him....i'm so glad

As for Lizzy, she hit her 4 month mark on the study (for her arthritis) this last week. She has improved drastically. She is looking so good. She has improved 100% in some areas, and no less than 75% in others. So we are still in the study, but it remains blinded, which is good for us right now. She most likely has been on only the one drug(methotrexate) but has responded very well to it, and we don't have to go on the steroid. She has been a trooper through it all, and the best investment we made was 'hello kitty' bandaids. So we move on, and hope she out grows it someday, but at least it seems to be getting under control.

showing off 'hello kitty'

Before, feb 2009, her left knee is much bigger here, as well as her wrists.
today...her knees look normal, kind of hard to tell in pictures, but we are excited about the improvement.

And a few pics for the road.......

Following in the Lord's way

As a parent I often worry about this horrible world my kids have to grow up in. I know it was bad as i was growing up and pretty sure that was nothing to what my kids will have to deal with. I try not to let this get me down, but sometimes it is hard to not wonder if my kids are going to be able to choose the right, when there is soooooooooo much wrong around them. I feel very lucky to have made it through as well as i did, and be strong in my faith and true to the gospel. I just hope and pray that ALL my kids will do the same. I take comfort in the Prophets counsel to fortify our homes. To make them gospel centered, with scripture study, prayer, family home evening, going to church each week, and teaching the gospel in our home. We are by no means perfect, and we have to always work on it, but I want to do all i can to protect my family.

Lizzy has a great Love for the temple, she was so excited to go for her primary activity. She loves driving by on the freeway and says it is her temple! (she is in the far right in the blue dress)

She got a pamphlet, and we caught her reading on the way home. She learned that Grandma and Grandpa Daltons temple (Oakland, Ca.) was on the front as well as her temple (san diego) She carried this pamphlet around for days

Family Home Evening, Lizzy has been into crafts, so she wanted to make necklaces and bracelets with hearts. What a great idea Liz! So this is us showing them off.

We have a long road ahead, but these types of moments give me hope. Good luck with your families too!