Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow in San Diego!

Well living in San Diego, we are very blessed to normally have great weather and even when its bad, some rain or cold, its no where near what many parts of the country are going through. However, this past week we had probably the worst and longest storm i have experienced while here. I have to admit, i do love the sound of rain on my roof. Maybe because i'm from Oregon and the rain reminds me of home. and there is some enjoyment to see a storm outside as long as i have a warm place inside. This first picture is of the ravine behind our house. Usually very dry even after some rain, but we actually had two fast streams going. So, after a week of watching the rain fall, our bathroom roof leak, Cj finishing our crown molding he started 7 months ago, and even buying a new car we were ready to get out of the house for an adventure, and we had to break in the pathfinder!

So our adventure only took an hour drive to Palomar Mountain. The storm ended, and the conditions were near perfect. The sun was breaking through, roads clear, unfortunately lots of people, and a tad cold, but then again we were in the SNOW!

Most of you probably live in snow, but I have not been in show since 2000. Its been ten years, that is hard to believe. Well lizzy heard or saw pictures of snow and has been asking to play in it, so i decided this was the best day to go, before it got old or melted. So we packed snacks and took off. Besides not having proper snow attire. Luckily Lizzy's cousin , whom she gets all her hand me downs from had a nice coast with gloves attached and boots. Caleb we just kept up and out of the snow, but i felt bad his little nose was red. (But thanks to our new car, we were able to open the back and the kids could crawl around and eat, and stay warm.
Lizzy kept saying "look frozen milk." We finally had her taste it and she loved it!
Of course you can't buy a sled in san diego, unless you want to spend $30 for a round saucer at the store on the mountain. So we took our boogie board and it was awesome! It slid fast. Totally took me back to the days i went in the snow as a kid. I couldn't help but laugh and smile to myself cause no one was there to watch, CJ and i took turns cause the kids wanted to stay in the car. Next time we are gonna go with someone else so we can go sled together.
It was such an awesome Day! Just able to get away and enjoy each other and introduce Lizzy and Caleb to snow, even though i wouldn't let caleb touch it cause his hands were already cold enough. But i did go down on a sled a couple times with him and he just loved it, he would laugh and smile! So, apparently the thing to do at the mountain was people would fill up there truck beds or the roof of their car with snow and drive home. Don't know if they just wanted to show it off, or see how long till it melted, but there were tons of people doing it. I couldn't help but laugh that only here would that happen, no where else would people want to take the snow home with them.