Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Having an older sister....

A package arrived the other day..... it was an older sister, or a doggy, or whatever santa wanted to bring. (Lizzy's favorite game of the last two days... is you go to sleep and wake up to have a present from santa, look in the box and see what he brought you.) She really has had a ton of fun with this box. which is driving me crazy cause i have to be the one to put her in and out and make sure she doesn't fall on her face. But the smile is priceless!

This about says it all! Lizzy is very loving of her brother, but also has been smothering him. Either a tad jealous of the time he gets with mom, or doesn't quite remember he is still a baby, or just overly excited to give loves!???

Caleb has just been moving up in the world (literally too) he is crawling everywhere and anyday will be walking i'm sure. he has conquered crawling up on anything he can. tonight he crawled on the box (lizzy's fun box) and then onto this chair and just was sooooo happy and proud that HE DID IT himself! He also has a priceless smile, as well as some other faces he does on cue. i'll have to find a pic a post it soon! He has quite the personality and besides the biting is just as fun as can be. (unless mom walks out of the room... Definetly a momma's boy, which lizzy is not fond of cause she had the momma's girl thing going for quite some time before this guy came along. Now they have to share and neither like that much. Sometimes i just hold them both as they cry that they want to be held. oh well at least i know they love me!
Lizzy just loves and adores Caleb, for the most part. She is either doing his hair in bows and playing baby with him, or her favorite is puppy. I honestly won't be surprised when caleb thinks his real name is puppy. She follows him around the house saying," here puppy, or fetch puppy" as she throws something for him. the great thing is he really is just like a puppy, he bits, drools, fetches, makes a mess of everything, and loves to be held and petted! We get a good laugh out of it at least.

So, do boys do this, if you have an older boy what does he do to his little sister???

Lizzy has hit another stage... a testy one. For the most part she is so fun, very creative, and full of life. But a little firecracker, one wrong move and its an emotional breakdown. She is so sensitive, that its hard to 'correct behavior' w/o getting a huge meltdown. it may be contributed to the fact that she is still having trouble sleeping all night in her bed...or that may be my reason for emotional meltdowns. Anyway.. she is loving preschool and learning and growing in sooooo many ways. She can write her name, and learning other letters. She surprises me with songs all the time that she knows from school. It really is so fun to see her learning new things. One of the best things is her prayers. they are so tender to hear her talking to her father in heaven. When she prays that she is glad we can be together(as a family) forever. And when she tells me, "mommy, i love you so much" it is the reward and what its all for. I just love her and know she is a strong, but sweet spirit that i am blessed to have in my family. And even when its challenging, I'm so grateful she is mine and my best friend! (as she often says)