Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just a few pics of my growing kids!

Lizzy finished her first year of preschool, she LOVED it! this was the last day of school.
I remember when Lizzy used to do this know Caleb is taking over.
Caleb was loving this corn on the cob, and was going to town with it.
What can i say.... I AM SO BLESSED!

Not the best pic, but still makes me smile

Time passes too quickly, but here is an update

CJ and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary this year and we took a trip to Ventura, Ca to celebrate, and a little get away. We stayed at a quaint and very historic hotel called the pierpont inn in Ventura. They were celebrating their 100 yr anniversary so we got a great deal! We decided to spend more time and money doing something fun...Like the Channel Islands. We took a ferry across to the Santa Cruz island and went kayaking in sea caves. It was a lot of fun, a bit overcast, cold, and a bigger swell then desirable, but we had a blast anyway. the sun even peaked out at the end of the day. It was so nice to be out getting some exercise, being with my hubby, who i am so grateful and blessed to have! We also saw the movie Inception and ate out a bunch, i actually had one of the best meals i've ever had eating out. Eric's on the ventura pier! We also rented bikes and rode along the beach strand. Went to the hot tub and SLEPT IN! What a fun getaway, just wish it could happen more. But of course we missed our little ones too much!!!

Do you see the elephant in the rock? and marge Simpson in the space between the rocks.

this actually happened a couple weeks ago. the kids pushed this box against the couch and had the time of their lives sliding down it! Kids are awesome! they can be so easily entertained sometimes. Caleb's laugh was priceless!