Sunday, November 14, 2010

Two recessives must make a dominant

Well it must be true cause its happened twice now. Both our parents say CJ and I were both mellow, relaxed, and rather calm children. So all i can figure is the stubborn, aggressive gene in both of us was passed on to our children and because they got both recessive that made it a dominant trait our kiddos. Does that make since? Don't know, but its all i can figure.
Until now, I just thought Lizzy was going to be our independent, opinionated, determined child, but as Caleb develops his personality- He is giving Lizzy a run for that title. Some days i just can't believe how adamant and stubborn they can be.
Tonight we ate dinner at Grandma Mary's and after Caleb was done he whined, so we got him out of the highchair and then he just stared crying and pointing back to his chair, after trying to put him back in, give him food, drink, nothing worked, Finally Gma said last night when she was watching him he wanted to do it himself. So sure enough i took off the tray and he stopped crying and crawled down HIMSELF. Seriously! really!
Then we got home and since they both fell asleep in the car on the way home, we carried them in, I took Lizzy to the bathroom, where she whined and cried the whole time, that she wanted to put the sticker on the window, and she was so tired, etc.....(who knows what else) I went to get some pj's for her. When i came back she kicked and said noooooo those ones are too hot, so i had to go back in the other room and get more. Then after getting her dressed, she was cold and wanted a warm blanket, I put what she believes are cold blankets (non-fleece) on and she kicked in off and started crying. (Ironic that the first jammies were fleece and she didn't want to wear them.) Then i refused to scratch her back and she through another fit. Not that this was such a bad night, but that this happens all the time. It is so wearing and i get sooooooo frustrated.
Anyway I love my kids of course and so grateful for the times they are loving and cuddling even though if one is on my lap the other throws a fit and pinches, or hits the one on my lap. Or just cries till i make the one on my lap give their sibling a turn. Caleb is just at the age where he will take things from Lizzy on purpose just cause she has something, or he wants attention from her or me. I really do love this stage in life for sooooo many reasons, but also i NEVER knew being a mom was some mentally draining. The moods, the bribes, the trickery, the attitudes (which Lizzy has a major sassy, she calls joking, attitude right now.), etc. etc.
-Okay i just had to write that down, so i don't forget someday what life is like with these little ones. and i needed to vent a little too.

So here are a couple pics of my dear sweet kids.......
Lizzy actually has been very creative lately, she thought of this idea on her own and got some paper towels, took a hair ribbon and then colored eyes and a mouth to make ghosts.

Calebs favorite spot for the month of October was here, taking the arms out of our Pumpkin witch.

My mom came to visit and it was sooooo nice to have her here. My kids just adore her and it is so fun to see them taking to their grandma, even when they don't see her much.

While she was her, my sister, me and her went an a girls retreat. MUCH NEEDED! We just drove down to mission bay (in san diego) and stayed 2 nights at a hotel, slept in, and went on a 4 hour bike ride around mission bay. Perfect weather and great company. We had a great time.

Out to breakfast on my mom's birthday!

Riding around Mission Bay!