Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gratitude and kids!

I've really been trying lately to have a good attitude and look for the good around me rather than the negative. I'm not perfect, but I'll have to say I've really been able to enjoy my kids more and see the good around me rather than focusing on the frustrating and things I can't control. My kids are growing up so fast, and I'm trying to enjoy as much as possible.

So Lizzy has been in school all day four times a week, which has given me a lot of time alone with Caleb. I've really been able to focus on him and see his growth. He has become my little bud and we spend just about every waking moment together. He will be 3 in March and I can see his little personality really starting to develop. He is quite the funny guy. Always trying to get a laugh. Yesterday I started playing 'this little piggy' and he would grab his little pinky toe before i could and hold it, so I couldn't say. 'all the way home and tickle him.' He just thought this was so funny.
He also loves to wrestle and tackle anyone willing and sometimes not willing to play. His favorite game is "Roarrrrrr." Which CJ can't walk in the door without him asking, "Daddy Roarrrrrr?" over and over till CJ gives in. Caleb just loves to run around the house, get tickled and laugh. Caleb is also my little snuggler. He loves to come up and hug me or kiss me. And it of course just melts me, he is so sweet and loving. Caleb will only wear short sleeve shirts and shorts, which he also calls babies. (basically 'baby' =small or short and 'wow'=lots or long) He is a bit behind on talking and language skills, but it is pretty clever how he has learned to get his point across. He used to be afraid to even try saying new words, but we have been practicing lots and working on just trying which I think has really helped and he is picking up new words all the time. Not real fast, but he will get there. I thought for a while he would learn to say Lizzy's name or at least some version of it, but he never did till recently he now calls her, "Honey." (of course that is my pet name for her or anyone in my house, but now it has become her name, because if i use it for Caleb or Daddy, Caleb says,"honey, no. then daddy or me". Its cute to here him yell out at the park or store, honey for lizzy. Or honey school?
Now of course he is far from a perfect angel, but I'm focusing on the good right now :). Lizzy actually adores him to and they often have their hug and kiss moments, but she often says, "Mom I really want a sister, Cause Caleb tackles or hits too much." Which remindes me Caleb either thinks he has a baby in his tummy or that his tummy is called a baby, (which I'm thinking the latter is correct). He is constantly pointing to my tummy and saying, "baby?" and I say, "yes" he then says "me too." But the other day his friend hit him in the tummy and, he started crying and said, "ow baby." Then a couple days ago he was feeling sick and said,"baby hurt" pointing to his tummy. He is always so clever and cute. Each night as he goes to bed, after asking for anything and everything when he has finally given into the fact he is going to bed he finally will yell from his bed, "Night night mommy," then I have to answer. Followed by "Night night Daddy," and CJ has to answer. If one of us doesn't he has to continually repeat this until we do. Caleb is definitely strong opinionated, and has his mind set in many things. Like when we drive somewhere he usually has an opinion about which way he wants me to turn. Especially when we leave home he knows his cousin Mack (really Max) lives to the left, but mostly we go right to town, but he usually yells and points to Mack's house. Or if we stop at a light, He yells, "GO." Which they I've had to explain red light or green light to him. But my favorite lately has been, "okay." He says it in such a cute little way and so often. He could easily use no, but he h as choose lately to be fairly cooperative and if I ask him to get something or do something he often responds with, "okay mommy." (Which is my dream phrase, especially after Lizzy. She for many many years has been adamant about having it her way in her terms, but Caleb will just say okay and everytime it shocks me.) So I've decided lately Caleb is very strong willed and has to be to hold up to his sister, but then he has a sweet cooperative side that mommy just loves and adores. Caleb also

Now Lizzy just turned 6 in December. Its been a really interesting ride with Lizzy. Of course i've enjoyed her and she has been sweet in her own way, but I have to admit 2 was terrible, and 3 and 4 were whatever is worse than terrible. Then 5 was maybe slightly better than 4, but not a lot. And FINALLY 6, so far has been amazing. She has just really blossomed in attitude and love. I just have enjoyed the last couple months of her being so helpful, fun, loving. She is able to play with Caleb and they can get along so well. Probably one of the most rewarding things as a mom is to see your kids like and play together, as well as learning new things. Especially things in a gospel sense. Lizzy has the most genuine and sweet prayers. She gets this angelic voice and talks about how thankful she is for the beautiful earth Jesus gave us, and that her family can be together forever. It is so sweet and so rewarding to see her pray. Lizzy has a love for other people to, she is often looking for things to do or make for someone else. She LOVES crafts and making things for her friends and parents. Lizzy also loves gifts. Getting just about anything from a sticker, something from the treasure box at school or from a doctor, or even a picture or letter from a friend makes her smile and shine so big. (We say her love language is gift giving) But i think the cool thing that says a lot about her is not only does he love to get things, she also loves to give. She is always wanting to make pictures and stuff for her cousins or friends. Just the other day she came to me with four quarters and wanted to give them to her twin cousins. Even though she has a huge love for getting stuff, she knows she feels good and wants to make other people happy also. I could not be getting through this pregnancy without her. She has been so much more mature, hardly any fits and she is willing to give into make Caleb happy or play with him. (of course they also fight like any siblings, but she has really grown up and been able to reason so much more) I've been able to talk to her and explain things on a more grown up level. She is in a Spanish Immersion program at school and while its got to be hard, she has not complained at all and is really starting to understand some things. Its so cool to see her wanting to learn and grasping new concepts. Although she will tell you she does hate math.

I love both my kids so much and so grateful when I get to spend time with them and see them smile, laugh, and getting along. They teach me a lot about enjoying simple things and life. While there are always things to do and get done, I'm grateful for those times I can watch them and be grateful they are my kids. It will be interesting and exciting to see what the next one brings.