Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yes i'm serious, we made the giant leap of faith and closed on a house in Vista, california! (Just north of downtown san diego-30 mins or so) So looks like we are gonna be permanent here! which is good cause its a good place to be, only wish my fam was a tad closer, but maybe someday they will see the light!

Its older, 1978 it was built. 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. 2600 sqft. And i would post pictures but it needs a lot of help first. Yup its a bit of a fixer upper. we just maybe got in over our heads, but we'll see. its gonna be great once it is fixed up. we were in cleaning on monday and taking down wallpaper and after getting hardly anywhere the saying from President Monson popped in my mind, "Joy in the journey" so even though things couldn't be more stressful right now with everything, i decided if i enjoy the process it will go much better and it will be a great memory to always have!

so stay tuned for the great before and after pics! sometime hopefully sooner rather than later!
And eventually we will have place to have you all come visit when you come to sunny san diego!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference

What a great opportunity we have to hear a living Prophet of God and amazing insights from Apostles and Leaders. In such a horrible and corrupt society it is nice to take a time out and be reminded of our eternal perspective and how as we cling to the gospel of Jesus Christ we are truly protected and blessed.
I thought i'd share some of the things that touched me most from this weekend: (some are quotes from talks, others are impressions i had)

1-"Don't all the stresses of life to get the best of us." - Elder Perry
2- Hope is abiding trust the Lord will fulfill his romises, our prayers will be answered and with hope comes joy and happiness. We need to hope with confidence.
3- We need unity in our families!
4- "In the strength of the Lord, I can do all things" -Sis. Dalton
5- "Find Joy in the journey" - Pres. Monson

i just have so much love for my Father in Heaven, his son Jesus Christ and in their plans of happiness and salvation. it definitley makes day to day life more meaningful and purposeful. I am so blessed to have this comfort in my life and i hope you all feel the same!!!!

Lizzy also learned from general conference. As we listened she of course was in and out, but she did hear things and repeated them as she heard them:

2-choose the right
3-church (followed by saying "I want to go to church")
4-Joseph Smith
5-present (i think she was hopeful she was going to get a present when she heard this)

I was actually very impressed by her listening skills and once again reminded of the importance of teaching our children when they are young!