Thursday, January 24, 2008

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

I couldn't help thinking about this scripture as i was putting Lizzy to bed tonight. It really has been so amazing to see her already have a love for church, nursery, Jesus, prayer,and the scriptures. Each night we read out of the picture scripture stories and then go to bed. She loves it, probably mostly that she gets to lay down with mom and dad on their bed and gets all their attention. Then tonight after we read she ran off to get her "toys" to sleep with and came back with a Jesus figurine she got for Christmas. She wanted to sleep with Jesus. Then we prayed and after she wanted to pray again, so we prayed this time she repeated everything i said. Then we sang our primary songs, which she knows so well from nursery. (its crazy when they start picking things up that you don't teach them directly) Then as i left the room she rolled over to go to sleep without a peep (after asking for water, a snack, and a treat of course) And the biggest shocker of ALL! She didn't even ask for her binky...which is huge and i'm still in shock, we have only been using in for naps and nighttime lately, but she usually only goes to bed to get the binky. And she didn't ask for it, didn't cry, just went to sleep....Now that was my perfect bedtime routine. I suppose no chance it will happen again, but gives me hope!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Our day on Sunday the 20th!

Okay i'm serious when I say this is like the first pic Cj and I have taken together in like a year. For Christmas we both have family calendars and when i went in search of pics...they were ALL Lizzy, I mean she is much cuter and more exciting to take pics of, but i guess we need to get some photo time in too!

Lizzy and mommy both baking in our aprons, and lizzy had to take a pic with her camera too
We celebrated, my sister misty's 23rd bday on sunday! She is way into good healthy eating, (or i should probrably say trys too, she has a sweet tooth too) so i made a Chicken Salad, Fruit Salad, homemade rolls, and some broccoli and i don't think i've ever seen her happier! She MMMM through the whole meal. Made me feel good at least. Also finished it off with some homemade Banana Cream pie! Misty's roommate Apryl, Manda, and Darren (my bro and girlfriend), and Misty, (the cute redhead...if you now any good mormon boys that want to be set up let me know, don't tell her i said that she'd probably kill me.) And Cj's Mom and Sister all joined us for the a good time. And of course Lizzy loved all the company when she had all the attention on her. She loved to preform her somersaults and donkey kicks (which she learned from her cousin Andrew)

Watch out 4- year olds!

We have been trading babysitting with a couple friends for a while now and it is awesome, the girls love to get together and we get two free babysitters a month. Lizzy loves her Emma and Rachel
Lizzy being 'funny', as she would say. " Look I make a snowman" We discovered this winter her fascination with snowman, she is constantly making a snowman out of anything, or as the song goes "a snowman tall, tall, tall" and says that when climbing on anything.

Well here is my princess all dressed up and ready to cook, except if you look close she is missing her pants.

Oh the part about the 4 year olds ....I got a new calling on Sunday, I’m now a primary teacher of the 4 year olds, I’m pretty excited, but will be a challenge I’m sure.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I've been humbled by....Lizzy

Well i attempted potty training today, not that i'm totally giving up already but wow what a rollercoaster we went through in one day. Starting out the morning an accident, but mostly in the kitchen, not bad clean up that way. Then she even went in the potty, and got a reward and big girl panties and a sticker for the chart, we even went outside with success and ran home quickly to sit on the toilet at the first sign she needed to go, however she didn't go then. After almost 3 hours of nothing, i knew it was coming, and finally all over the kitchen floor again, oh well not bad clean up. Then a diaper for the nap and that was it, she decided through tantrums and CRANKINESS that she was in charge and did not want to use the potty or not have a diaper on. So, for some strange reason this really affected me and put me in about the worst mood i've been in for a while. I guess after the sucess i thought she'd get it. But she only wanted the reward, which i wouldn't give her unless she went in the potty, she couldn't quite understand that which didn't help either of us. So i'm humbled that i can't do it in one day, like the pros, but maybe tomorrow.....

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Few more pics of Christmas and bday

For at least two weeks before christmas Lizzy starting making "pancakes and eggs" at least 10 times everyday for me, her baby dolls or who ever would listen to her. So we were so excited about getting this kitchen for her, she loves it!

As a side note we went to the eye doctor today and good news...Lizzy has improved 80% already, but we still are giving it a couple more months in hope of 100 percent in regard to her eye wandering, she will still need glasses for a few years at least for her vision, however if the wondering doesn't improve totally by next visit we will have to start patching.....NO!!!!!!hopefully it doesn't come to that!

December seems to rain presents around here

Just an update from the past crazy few weeks. It has been a blast! All started with Lizzy's 2nd birthday. We had a nemo party, lots of friends, pizza, crafts, and cake. I was pretty proud of my cake so i have to show it off.

Lizzy got new princess jammies from Grandma Mary, which she loves! Then Christmas came and went quickly, but lots of fun seeing Lizzy so excited about presents. We had lots of family around which is how Christmas should be. My parents even surprised us by coming down after Christmas. Then we celebrated CJ"s birthday the 29th, so for about 2 weeks there are presents everywhere we go and Lizzy just loves it. She still talks about presents some, but not as much as she was...which is good sense it will be another year before she gets more. Well we are sorry we did not get out a Christmas card this year, but thanks to all who sent one we love seeing your families and hearing updates! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year!